Why talk about discrimination and sexual harassment?

Based on the KIP Project’s multistakeholder roundtables in its first year, the themes of discrimination and sexual harassment were identified as overlapping areas where knowledge-production and dissemination should focus in the Lebanese landscape. Focusing on this theme, the KIP Project held a two-day multidisciplinary conference on March 31 and April 1, 2017 at the Olayan School of Business at AUB and aimed to:

  • Encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue about gender and sexuality, and more specifically, discrimination and sexual harassment in Lebanon.
  • Support the production and dissemination of knowledge related to these issues in the Lebanese landscape
  • Generate policy recommendations for sexual harassment in the Lebanese landscape
  • Build lasting networks which cut across disciplines and sectors

Over 800 members from academia, civil society, private and public sector as well as independent researchers, students, activists, among others, attendedthis two-day event. A total of 25 panels, workshops, poster sessions, and exhibitions tackled issues pertaining to sexual harassment and discrimination in healthcare, businesses, public and private spaces, education, art, media, politics, activism, and more.

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Check out the dialogue from the sessions by clicking through the Storify below: