The KIP Funded Studies

In order to fulfill the KIP Project’s goals to (a) support the gathering, generation, and dissemination of information and data concerning gender and sexuality in Lebanon; and (b) foster knowledge-sharing concerning gender and sexuality in Lebanon by creating a platform for academia/civil society interactions and partnerships, five roundtables were held to identify gap areas for research and work related to gender and sexuality in Lebanon.

These multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary, multi-sector private roundtables were held around gender and sexuality on education, health and well-being, economic empowerment and opportunity, politics, and  legal and civil rights and brought together members from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Social Affairs, university professors, activists and civil society members.

The project funded 15 White Paper Reports directly related to the questions and themes identified in the private roundtables, and organized a two-day interdisciplinary Conference on Gender and Sexuality on March 31st and April 1st, 2017, at AUB, where hundreds of academics, students, activists, journalists, researchers, and other stakeholders were invited to share their knowledge in the field. The funded studies were presented at the conference, and executive summaries will be made available in the month of May, 2017.

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