The KIP Funded Studies

During its first year, the KIP Project funded 9 documentation and 6 research projects directly related to questions and themes identified in five private roundtables, held to identify gap areas for research and work related to gender and sexuality in Lebanon.

These multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary, multi-sector private roundtables were held around gender and sexuality on education, health and well-being, economic empowerment and opportunity, politics, and  legal and civil rights and brought together members from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Social Affairs, university professors, activists and civil society members.

During its second year, these studies were presented the KIP Project’s a two-day interdisciplinary Conference on Gender and Sexuality on March 31st and April 1st, 2017, at AUB, where hundreds of academics, students, activists, journalists, researchers, and other stakeholders were invited to share their knowledge in the field.

These reports were funded to fulfill the KIP Project’s goals to (a) support the gathering, generation, and dissemination of information and data concerning gender and sexuality in Lebanon; and (b) foster knowledge-sharing concerning gender and sexuality in Lebanon by creating a platform for academia/civil society interactions and partnerships.

The executive summaries of the studies can be found below:

Sectarian Power-sharing and Women’s Political Representation: A Lebanese Oxymoron or an Opportunity?

by Carmen Geha, PhD, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, American University of Beirut
Krystel Tabet, Research Assistant
Sally Abi Khalil, Project Advisor

 Download here: KIP-Executive-Summary-Carmen-Geha.pdf

The Perception of Students towards Women and the Perception of Women Themselves about their Role and Status in Lebanese Rural Communities

by Nisreen Alwan, PhD, Dean of School of Health Sciences, Modern University for Business and Science (M.U.B.S)
Diana Maddah, Recruitment and Impact Measurement Manager, Teach for Lebanon

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Diana-Maddah.pdf

The Sexual Health of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Lebanon

by Marsa Sexual Health Center
Ayman Assi, PhD, President
Diana Abou Abbas, Project Manager
Sara Abou Zaki, Project Coordinator

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Marsa.pdf

Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards family planning: A national survey in the Lebanese community

by Ghada Khoury, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Lebanese American University

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Ghada-Khoury.pdf

Sectarianism and National Emergencies: Barriers or Facilitators for Women, Sexual Minorities and Transgender People

by Nadine Naber, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Nadine-Naber.pdf

Facilitators for the effective participation of Lebanese women at work in leadership positions

by Pascale Daher, Doctoral Researcher, Aston Business School

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Pascale-Daher.pdf

Social norms in the workplace in the context of breastfeeding

by Yusuf Sidani, PhD, Associate Professor Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut
Sarah BouDiab, Senior Internal Auditor, American University of Beirut

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Sarah-Bou-Diab.pdf

Social Workers’ Perceptions and Attitudes towards the LGBT Community in the Lebanese Context: An Exploratory Study

by Soins Infirmiers et Développement Communautaire (SIDC)
Nadia Badran, MSW, Program Coordinator & Knowledge Hub Manager
Hala Najm, MPH, Research and Project Coordinator

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-SIDC.pdf

Family, Adulthood, Citizenship and Queer Subjects

by Zeina Zaatari, PhD, Lecturer and Research Associate, University of California, Davis

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Zeina-Zaatari.pdf

Lebanese News Managers: A Comparative Study of Gender in the Workplace

by Sarah Mallat, M.A., Instructor at the Media Studies Department, American University of Beirut
Jad Melki, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Arts, Lebanese American University

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Sarah-Mallat-Jad-Melki.pdf

Fighting sexual harassment in Lebanon: Where are we now, and how far have we come?

by Nour Nasr, PhD Candidate, SKEMA Business School

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Nour-Nasr.pdf

Attitudes and Practices towards Sexual Harassment in Beirut

by HarassTracker
Sandra Hassan, Myra El Mir, Nay El Rahi, Co-founders

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Nay-el-Rahi.pdf

Perception of Physicians on Women Surgeons in Lebanon

by Eman Sbaity, MD, Surgical Oncologist, AUBMC
Jihad Makhoul, PhD, Professor at Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Eman-Sbeity.pdf

Experience and Attitudes of Harassment and Discrimination from a Subset of Students at the American University of Beirut

by Brigitte Khoury, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, AUBMC 
Trudi Hodges, AUB Title IX Coordinator, Office of the President, American University of Beirut

Download here:  KIP-Executive-Summary-Brigitte-Khoury.pdf