The KIP Project’s Multidisciplinary Conference on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in 2017

As the Knowledge is Power (KIP) Project continues its efforts and activities to promote cross-sectoral dialogue relating to gender and sexuality issues in the Lebanese landscape, it narrows its focus in its second year on discrimination and sexual harassment preparing for a seminal conference around this theme on March 31 and April 1, 2017.

Recognizing the need to build bridges between the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society, the conference will create a platform for knowledge production and dissemination within the Lebanese landscape, and for the development of recommendations for policy and change at the organizational, national and community levels.

The addressed theme of discrimination and sexual harassment was identified through conversations with various stakeholders during private roundtable discussions that the KIP Project organized during its first year around gender and sexuality as related to education, economic opportunity and empowerment, health and well-being, politics, and legal and civil rights. These discussions led to a list of research areas which stakeholders suggested must be tackled  for moving forward within the field of gender and sexuality in Lebanon. These areas of gap mainly revolved around issues related to discrimination and sexual harassment.

This KIP multidisciplinary conference in 2017 will therefore gather a range of stakeholders together and provide a platform for dialogue and policy recommendations related to these issues within Lebanon. The conference sessions will be divided between expert panel debates, research presentations, training workshops and other interactive presentations   , bringing to the table new discussions around issues related to discrimination generally, and sexual harassment more specifically. The 15 KIP funded studies, addressing issues related to gender and sexuality across sectors and disciplines, will also be presented throughout the sessions.

In preparation for these discussions, the KIP Project has launched various online activities to build hype around the conference theme. For more information about these activities, read about our work here.

Moving forward, the KIP project will be organizing other activities within the coming period that will encourage dialogue about topics which intersect with gender and sexuality, pointing out the intersectional nature of social issues and setting the foundation for engaging discussions at the upcoming conference.

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